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The complaints against the credit repair industry are many.

Beyond the common complaints of fraud, scams, rip-offs, fly by night, and the like, the biggest complaint by far is “it just doesn’t work”.

Unfortunately, all of these accusations are true. There are many scam credit repair companies operating, and even if they are a legitimate company, often their best efforts do not help their customers enough. If the goal of the customer is to raise a credit score to qualify for mortgage loan and a credit repair company is enlisted to perform this service, they will be disappointed. It doesn’t work. Just repairing the credit will not raise the score.

The reason is that most credit repair companies only focus on the removal of derogatory credit. This by itself will not significantly boost the score enough. For instance: 30 negative items are reporting and a very good credit repair company succeeded in getting 20 items removed, great! Right?

No, because now 10 negative items remain, and the entire score will be based on 10 negative credit items, resulting in approximately the same score. The credit repair companies really take it on the chin for this, higher credit scores are the results needed. Not just deletions of derogatory credit.

We are a Credit Restoration company; we have over 20 years of experience to show us what works and what doesn’t. We are licensed and bonded and have a huge network of referrals from mortgage professionals from all over the country.

The credit score is calculated on current credit, and credit history. We ensure that both look good. The score also considers details like addresses, inquiries, aliases, employment status and more. We profile the entire report, optimizing it for maximum scoring potential.

We guarantee our service; our client’s receive a mortgage qualifying credit score, or their money back.*

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